Welcome to Wall Investment Group, Inc.

Wall Investment Group, Inc. is an independent, registered investment
advisory firm based in Orland Park, IL.  Wall Investment Group, Inc.
is a fee-based firm.  The advisors are not brokers and receive no
sales commissions.  With more than
30 years experience in
investment management, the firm provides in-depth analysis and
advice for individuals and for business and their benefit plans.  


Wall Investment Group, Inc. takes an objective approach to portfolio
management.  We focus on the underlying basic fundamentals of
investing; investment objective, time horizon, and size of portfolio.  
As such, we select individual stocks, bonds, and money market
instruments to achieve the desired investment portfolio.  All accounts
are managed in a tax efficient manner and consistent with the client's
risk tolerances.  
14500 John Humphrey Drive
Orland Park, IL  60462
(708) 364-7680
Wall Investment Group, Inc.