Services We Provide

Wall Investment Group, Inc. uses individual stocks and individual
bonds to design and manage investment portfolios geared to the
specific and unique needs and goals of each client. We rarely invest
in mutual funds, believing individual stock and bond issues are more
effective in building client portfolios.  

We provide independent, investment management services.  
Brokerage commissions are not accepted to insure objectivity and to
maintain our commitment to integrity and honesty in all our
recommendations.  Investment risks are identified and managed to
provide returns consistent with acceptable levels of risk to principal.  
Our client’s interests are our highest priority.  

We provide a full menu of investments and investment management
services.  A few of the general services we offer are:

> Review and analysis of individual portfolios
> Development of investment goals
> Individual asset management
> Security selection and diversification disciplines
> Plan Explorer, a comprehensive resource to employee benefit plans
> 401(k) management strategies and employee investment education
> IRA retirement planning